Teach For Bulgaria works towards providing every child in Bulgaria with equal access to quality education


Our Cause

We believe that every child in Bulgaria should have access to quality education, regardless of where they live, which school they attend, or how much money their parents make. We work towards this cause by developing new teachers, supporting schools, and building partnerships in order to introduce best practices into the education system. 

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Our Programs

A New Way of Teaching

We recruit, select, train, and support highly motivated professionals and graduates to become inspiring teachers all over the country. Over the course of two years, they get first-hand experience of the challenges in the education system and contribute to the success of their students. Then they use what they have learned to continue their development as successful teachers, principals, social entrepreneurs, or Teach For Bulgaria ambassadors and supporters.

Model Schools

We train and support school teams with diverse profiles from around the country in order to improve teaching and management, thus contributing to the success of every student. It is a two-year program which includes a mandatory school leadership module and optional training courses for the school team: 21st century skills, STEM, Bulgarian for multilingual children and social and emotional skills.

Учим заедно - програма за финансиране на училищни проекти

Learning Together

We encourage schools to come up with and implement solutions which address the achievement gap caused by the pandemic. With the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, we provide grants for the implementation of the best school projects, which have a clear plan, a vision for sustainable development, and the potential to be successfully implemented elsewhere in the country.


The sport event that brings together enthusiasts from Bulgaria and all over the world

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Bogomil Balkansky Partner, Sequoia Capital

There are two main factors which have played a major role in my personal and professional life: my parents’ unwavering support and the pure luck to have had access to wonderful education from my primary school (“Vasil Levski” in Stara Zagora) to my high school (National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures in Sofia). Teach For Bulgaria is working very hard to provide an equal start and opportunity for success to every child in Bulgaria.

Pavlina Yanakieva CEO, Bulgaria Innovation Hub

I support Teach For Bulgaria because its main focus is on the most painful and fundamental problems in Bulgaria - education and social inequality. I firmly believe in Teach For Bulgaria’s strategy to support children from disadvantaged communities and help them reach their full potential by providing them with quality education. Our country needs responsible citizens and critical thinkers who are able to spark positive change.

Nancy Schiller President and CEO of the America for Bulgaria Foundation

Education is a fundamental value and mutual responsibility - to all of us as individuals and in our social roles as citizens, business people, or government officials. The America for Bulgaria Foundation works in partnership with Bulgarian organizations in an effort to support the private sector and democratic institutions in the country, as well as to improve the quality of education in Bulgaria and the prestige of the teaching professions. To us, this means supporting teachers in their efforts to prepare young people for the job market of the future. Since our establishment back in 2009, the America for Bulgaria Foundation has invested over 110 million dollars in support of Bulgarian education. We are very glad that Teach For Bulgaria has turned into a symbol of the mission to provide every Bulgarian child with equal access to quality education, regardless of which school they attend, where they live, or how much money their parents make.

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