Teach For Bulgaria works towards providing every child in Bulgaria with equal access to quality education


About Us

Teach for Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with the mission to provide every child in Bulgaria with equal access to quality education. The foundation was established under the initiative and with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and is part of the Teach for All global network.

At Teach For Bulgaria, we believe that a positive change for all students in Bulgaria is only possible if everyone in the system works together, building on previous experience and expertise. So for over a decade we have been continuously building a strong community of current participants, program alumni and a variety of partners from all sectors. We are convinced that this is the way to introduce sustainable policies and practices for improving education in Bulgaria.

Our Cause

We believe that every child in Bulgaria should have access to quality education, regardless of where they live, which school they attend, or how much money their parents make. We work towards this cause by developing new teachers, supporting schools, and building partnerships in order to introduce best practices into the education system. 

Our Programs

A New Way of Teaching

We recruit, select, train, and support highly motivated professionals and graduates to become inspiring teachers all over the country. Over the course of two years, they get first-hand experience of the challenges in the education system and contribute to the success of their students. Then they use what they have learned to continue their development as successful teachers, principals, social entrepreneurs, or Teach For Bulgaria ambassadors and supporters.

Model Schools

We train and support school teams with diverse profiles from around the country in order to improve teaching and management, thus contributing to the success of every student. It is a two-year program which includes a mandatory school leadership module and optional training courses for the school team: 21st century skills, STEM, Bulgarian for multilingual children and social and emotional skills.

Учим заедно - програма за финансиране на училищни проекти

Learning Together

We encourage schools to come up with and implement solutions which address the achievement gap caused by the pandemic. With the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, we provide grants for the implementation of the best school projects, which have a clear plan, a vision for sustainable development, and the potential to be successfully implemented elsewhere in the country.

There Is More

Long-term partnerships and collaboration at all levels of the education system – with the Ministry of Education and Science, Regional Education Departments, trade unions, municipalities, business and civil society organizations.

Participation in Ministry of Education and Science working groups for preparation of policy opinions and major education-related projects.

Sharing useful teaching resources, best practices, lessons and opportunities for teachers through the specialized site prepodavame.bg and other information channels.

Development and promotion of teaching materials and resources for children whose first language is not Bulgarian.

Regional and national forums for teacher peer learning, trainings, practical guides, white papers and conferences on 21st century skills, key competences and professional development.

Our Values

We strive to constantly develop and improve ourselves and our organization. We take advantage of every learning opportunity and we help our teammates, supporters, and partners in their own lifelong learning.
We strive to create sustainable and meaningful partnerships with our supporters and partners in order to achieve our goal to provide access to quality education to every child. We are friendly, honest, open to feedback, and supportive in our teamwork. We show the necessary patience to understand different points of view and to adapt our style of communication and actions.
We always act as ambassadors of our organization and mission. We show perseverance – even in the most difficult and stressful moments, we remain calm and act in a professional way. We keep deadlines and work effectively. We always use appropriate language and tone of communication.
We face challenges with enthusiasm and energy. We find revolutionary and innovative solutions to all problems we encounter without sacrificing our professionalism and focus on long-term results. We are open to new ideas, we work outside of our comfort zone, and we try out new solutions to accomplish our mission.
We show respect to all people regardless of their background, age, ethnicity or nationality, religion, sexual orientation, different beliefs, and experience. We do not make assumptions, but believe that every person can be successful. We are open-minded and curious about different points of view.
We are led by the belief that every child can be successful and should be given the opportunity to realize their full potential. We work to achieve long-term sustainable results and take actions aimed at the greatest possible impact. We use data to measure our effectiveness and to focus our efforts where they are most needed.

Our Team

Board Members