“I will learn how to communicate with other people”, “I find it important to prove myself”, “I will have the opportunity to show what profession I want to practice”, “it will help me when I grow up and become a teacher to remember what advice they gave me” — these are just some of the expectations of third-graders and fourth-graders of the Chameleons class at the “Dr. Peter Beron” High School in Kostinbrod before the start of their end-of-school event. It was in the form of a Professions Bazaar, in which students would tell what they would want to do in the future, and what education and skills they would need for it.

The preparation for the event took place went on over the entire course of the year. The aim was to help students find their way around in the world after school and motivate them going forward, but also for them to develop communication, teamwork, and organization of extra-curricular activity skills. The initiator was the children’s teacher Radoslava Georgieva — a first year teacher under the Teach for Bulgaria Program. She has a degree in Industrial Management from the Technical University of Varna, but wants to develop in the field of education and work with children, so she applied for the Program a year ago.

Децата бяха подготвили наръчници с най-важната информация за всяка професия.

The children had prepared manuals with the most important information for every profession.

“At the beginning of the year, together with the students, we would set goals to reach when we finished,” Radoslava said. So they came to talk about how everyone should be serious and responsible in their tasks and duties at their workplace. The pupils shared what they would like to work as and set a target by the end of the year to explore different professions and the requirements for those applying for them.

With Radoslava’s help, they invited in their classes professionals from different spheres to tell them how a typical working day went and what they had gone through to be successful. The CEO of Teach for Bulgaria Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, the Vice-Principal of “Lyuben Karavelov” High School, Koprivshtitsa, and the Teach for Bulgaria Program alumna Ivelina Pashova, actress Radina Dumanyan, actors Yulian Vergov and Vladimir Karamazov (special thanks to Three Bears Entertainment for covering the visit), civilian rescuer Vassil Dimitrov, national basketball team members Chavdar Kostov and Stanimir Marinov (with the support of the Bulgarian Basketball Federation) and many more were among the guests. For children, these people are the role models that inspire them to learn more about their dreamed professions and to believe that one day, they too can be successful professionals.

Сред желаните от учениците професии бяха музикант, ветеринар, телефонен техник, футболист, актриса, психолог, пожарникар, военен пилот, офицер и учител.

Musician, vet, telephone technician, footballer, actress, psychologist, firefighter, military pilot, officer and teacher were among the professions students wanted.

For the end of the school year, Radoslava and her students decided to organize a Professions Bazaar, where the children could present their desired jobs. Students took the idea to heart, and even created additional manuals for the coveted professions. In them, they described the education and skills necessary for the job, what activities it involved, the level of pay, the length of the working day, and what motivated them to choose this profession.

The bazaar took place at the end of May in the sports hall of the school and attracted many guests, including the Mayor of Kostinbrod Municipality, Trayko Mladenov, the Vice-Principal of “Dr Petar Beron” High School, Vanya Slavcheva, the form teachers and parents. This whole community was an important part of the event because it supports students and their teachers in their efforts and motivates them to go even further and succeed in their endeavors.

The bazaar and the preparation for it helped children develop communication and teamwork skills, as well as believe in their own potential.

“I was very proud of them, because gradually they relaxed and started talking freely with our guests,” Radoslava Georgieva said.

Students learned how to ask specific questions, actively sought information about different aspects of professional life, and finally set out organizing the structure and script for the event themselves.

Radoslava considers career guidance important for children from the early grades, mostly because it “provokes them to be professionals from an early age.” “Being a student is also a profession — you have your duties you are supposed to do, and what pays is the success you achieve,” the teacher thinks. She also adds it is important for children to consider well what they want for their future in order to have a direction and a goal to pursue. And in the end this is what makes them feel successful.

See a gallery of the event, as well as photos with part of the guests of the “Chameleons” during the year:

Photos: Radoslava Georgieva

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