Vesela Zvezdelinova and her students

Vesi ZvWe are from the “Lyuben Karavelov” primary school, Zlatna Panega village. When we need to introduce ourselves somewhere we say that we are one team which wants to be successful, to learn a lot and to give everything.
We set a goal for ourselves to read 10 000 pages by the end of the school year. We chose this goal because we knew it would help us improve, it will help us learn to read faster and to understand our lessons in school. However, afterwards we realized that this goal is also important outside of school. It helps us when we watch a movie with subtitles, when we read the letters from our friends at the 74th School in Sofia, when we look up recipes online in order to help our mothers when cooking, among many other things. We realized that achieving this goal means taking a step towards our dreams: we can read an advertisement for our dream job, we can get a driver’s license, we can write a book, and we can read a map on our dream trip.

Of course we also had obstacles on the way to this goal. At the beginning we were interrupting each other while reading, we didn’t always have time for reading because of homework, and because we were spelling out words it prevented us from making progress faster.

When we read the first 1000 pages we realized that anything is possible. We started seeking ways to overcome all obstacles: we were writing some of our homework during the break in order to have more time for reading, we started working as a team without interrupting each other, we even started taking books home in order to have additional practice.

We managed to read 10 000 pages two months before the end of the school year and we set ourselves an even higher target: 17 000 pages! We started reading faster and, most important of all, we started to understand the meaning of what was written. We are happy that we learned new words and something else very important: we started writing more correctly.

Two things we realized for sure; if you have a goal and work for it all the time, there is no way you won’t succeed, and the goal is reached much easier if we all work together.

Our teacher managed to provide us with a library with many books, and to create a welcoming atmosphere in which we can read. She helped us focus so that we did our homework faster in order to have time for the books. She also explained to us the unknown words which we happened upon so that we could understand the meaning of what was written. She showed us what is passion for reading!

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