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We are able to grow and search for the most effective ways to support Bulgarian teachers and students thanks to people like you who see education for what it is - a crucial social responsibility.
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We believe

At Teach for Bulgaria we believe that teachers have the strongest impact on students’ motivation and ability to develop their potential. Teachers get students interested in learning and thirsty for knowledge even when the limitations and harsh conditions of their environment make it almost impossible to think about school work. They are the ones who find children’s strengths and develop their agency. Teachers can empower students to become independent, responsible, and active citizens. In order for them to face these and countless other challenges, however, teachers need training, support, and development opportunities just like their students.  

кампания на Богомил Балкански за удвоени дарения

This is why we’ve been supporting teachers with their first steps in the profession for 10 years now.


We select the most motivated teachers out of over 3000 applicants every year. We train them to work at low-performing schools by using innovative approaches and best practices from Bulgaria and around the world.


We support them in the first two years of their work at school by providing ongoing training and mentorship. We encourage them to look for solutions with local partners and stakeholders in order to meet their students’ needs and serve the community they work in.


We develop an active community of alumni where anyone can find support, like-minded partners, and ideas for their work at school or in education in general.

What's new?

However, it isn’t possible for all Bulgarian teachers to go through our rigorous professional development program. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need or deserve support and development opportunities in order to prepare their students for the challenges of the 21st century. It means that we need to figure out how to reach them. 

This is why we started a new two-year program called Model Schools in 2020. Model Schools supports schools in the development and application of sustainable and effective teaching and leadership practices which contribute to every student’s success. The first 26 schools already started their training and we’ll keep you posted about their progress. 

We are able to do all of this thanks to people like you!