Evelina Lafchiyska


Evelina is a Senior Specialist in Teacher Training. She joined Teach for Bulgaria’s A New Way to Teaching Program in 2019. She studied Psychology at New Bulgarian University, and gained experience in system dynamics and relationships.

She has worked for a long time in the field of education, deepening her experience in teacher, children, and parent training. She developed her expertise in the social perspective of using digital technology at school, child safety in a virtual environment, and healthy and supportive communication between school and family.

In her work, Evelina used the knowledge and experience she has accumulated in building and maintaining healthy relations, supporting teachers to develop their socio-emotional competences, and deliver them to their students in turn, along with their academic development. At the same time, this helps them to maintain strong relations with colleagues and parents, who are a solid foundation for a favorable environment in which children would develop their potential.

In parallel to her work in Teach for Bulgaria, Evelina maintains a blog for fruitful relations and successful relationships.

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