Евгений Лазаров заедно в час

Evgeniy Lazarov


Evgeniy has been Teacher Support Coordinator in Teach for Bulgaria since 2019. Previously, between 2017-2019, he participated in the Foundation’s A New Way to Teaching Program and taught Biology and Health Education in Hristo Botev School, Kubrat.

Evgeniy strongly believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn and develop in a favorable environment, so that we can all have a better future. It was also his leading motivation to join the program and then Teach for Bulgaria. Working with children makes him feel significant and helps him find real meaning in what he does.

Evgeniy has previous professional experience in lending and real estate. As a manager in various organizations, he successfully developed skills related to the building of a good team, personnel selection, management and training – skills he applies to his work in the field of education.

Evgeniy is from Varna, finished Engineering and Electronics Technical School in his native town and then got a degree in Pedagogy for Geography and Biology from Shumen University. In 2017 he also got a Master’s degree in Applied Geography and Geographic Information Systems.

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