simeona marinova

Simeona Marinova


Simeona has been a Senior Specialist in School Team Training at Teach for Bulgaria’s Model Schools Program since March 2020. She has been involved in developing a leadership program supporting the development of school teams from all over the country.

She identifies working for causes as the leading factor in her career path. She has been following the work of Teach for Bulgaria since the very establishment of the organization and strongly believes in its mission. For her, ensuring quality education for every child is among the most important causes. She believes the new Model Schools Program is the most comprehensive approach for professional development for teams she has worked on so far.

Simeona has over 15 years of experience in organizing and conducting trainings and supervision of adults as part of various organizations. The main topics, on which she is working, are related to organizational capacity building, human resources management, team work, etc. She has experience in intercultural trainings and training Bulgarian and international volunteers in the social sphere. She has also worked with children and families at risk as a pedagogical adviser.

She identifies support for children (at risk) and the outcomes achieved through art therapy and group work as her most significant success in her work. Before Teach for Bulgaria, he held the position of Director of Organizational Development and Personnel Management at the Concordia Foundation, where she was responsible for the development of human resources, working with volunteers and on corporate social responsibility.

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