Sirma Grozeva

Corporate Partnerships Specialist

Sirma Grozeva has been a Corporate Partnerships Specialist at Teach for Bulgaria since 2022. She graduated in Law from Sofia University and initially practiced law across various fields before specializing in corporate law. Her diverse legal background has positioned her to contribute to some of the most significant corporate transactions in Bulgaria. With a wealth of experience dealing with foreign clients and investors, overseeing company mergers and acquisitions, handling intellectual property matters, and fostering business development, she brings a multifaceted skill set to her role.

Beyond her professional expertise, Sirma has a keen interest in international politics, financial markets, and tennis. She also finds enjoyment in reading biographies.

What drew Sirma to join Teach for Bulgaria as a workplace was a profound desire to contribute meaningfully to society and play a part in transforming the local environment. She firmly believes that education plays a pivotal role in this transformative process.

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