Tatyana Marinovska-Naydenova

Board Member

Tatyana Naydenova is a consultant and former Commercial Director of the telecommunications company A1. She is a long-standing donor and adherent of Teach for Bulgaria.

“Education is undoubtedly a key factor for the basic human development. It provides an initial level start for all. Beyond the clichés, a good start closes the social gap indeed and allows expression of every student’s individuality, potential, and capacity.

The ability of a teacher to discover talent and opportunities in a child, to motivate him or her to develop his or her abilities, to navigate and support him or her in growing up and shaping his or her development is a huge invisible, immeasurable and invaluable labor of a luminary. Equivalent to parental care and, in some cases, completely replacing it, this humanitarian work leaves its mark in the subsequent development of a student’s personality in his later life.

In this sense, the selection, training and introduction in the education system of new, innovative teachers, with scientific and moral potential to raise the profile of the teaching profession and bring about a fundamental change and progress in Bulgaria’s education, attracted me years ago as an adherent and Member of the Board of Teach for Bulgaria.

What brought me to the organization was not only my deep fundamental belief that the person of the teacher is decisive as a luminary, inspiration and driver of the development and progress of the individual, but also the sentiment of my personal story with my teachers, who were my role models, and my gratefulness and appreciation for their invaluable work.”

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