Зоя Паунова

Zoya Paunova

Board Member

Zoya Paunova is an Honorary General Consul of Sweden in Bulgaria. She is a former Executive Director of Astra Zeneca Bulgaria and a Member of the Management Board of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria. She is a long-standing adherent of Teach for Bulgaria and became a part of the Foundation’s Management Board in October 2021.

“I have been supporting Teach for Bulgaria’s talented team committed to the education cause from the beginning. The organization has embraced a goal considered by many to be mission impossible. The team has walked an uneven and very difficult path addressing educational and social inequalities as a major problem, proving that we can have more quality and more Bulgaria in our education. The Foundation has brought together adherents, stakeholders, donors, experts with the potential to integrate quality content into the education policies and legislation. It has set up a laboratory to build highly motivated innovating, leading teachers who set the spark of knowledge and love of science the way my primary teacher, Mr. Metodiev, of Paisii Hilendarski School in the town of Dupnitsa, did. You know that students in Bulgaria represent approximately 10% of the population, while holding 100% of the future of our country in their hands! I unreservedly support Teach for Bulgaria as a Member of the Management Board in order to continue investing in the future of Bulgaria!”


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