Support every child’s equal access to quality education in Bulgaria!

Challenge Yourself for a Cause is a chance for you to support our work and help us prove that education is something that we still value. We are challenging you to participate in our one-of-a-kind event on June 18 and push your limits with a sports activity of your choice in the name of all children in Bulgaria. You won’t be alone – thousands of enthusiasts from Bulgaria and all over the world are going to participate as well. Let’s join forces and show everyone how many of us believe in the power of education.


Choose a category for your challenge

Choose from our main categories or create your own challenge:


We value everyone’s contribution, so we wanted to make it easy for you to participate in a way that would not require grueling workouts. Just set a goal for yourself  in kilometers or miles start walking on June 18 wherever you choose.


Training for a marathon or simply enjoying a casual Sunday jog? Why not do it for a good cause this time? Try to set a personal record on June 18.


June is the perfect time to embark on a new cycling adventure with friends or on your own. Test your endurance and conquer new territories. You can ride your bike in the city, on the road, or you can try some extreme mountain biking.


Swim like a fish and set a personal record this June. Dive into this challenge by doing laps in the pool or swimming in the vast blue sea – try out different styles too!


Get your magnesium powder bag ready, prep your climbing gear, and race to the top on June 18. Speed climb your favorite wall or master new routes. It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or if you are climbing actual mountains, what matters is that you participate.

Make it your own

You have a better idea? No problem! Just sign up and challenge yourself. Weight lifting, handstands, roller skating, or dancing – anything can be a challenge in the name of our common cause.


Sign Up!

Sign up on our website. This is how we know that you are planning to participate. Challenge yourself or form a team of friends, family, or coworkers and spread the word. Every registered email address enters a special raffle with exciting prizes for adventurers.


Practice and participate!

June 18 still seem far away, but time flies. Don’t forget to practice in order to complete your challenge successfully. We have plenty of ideas to help you along the way which we’ll share pretty soon, but until then – send us pictures and share about your challenge on social media with the hashtag #challengeforacause. This will help us reach more sports lovers and enthusiasts!


Share with friends and win a prize!

Every registered email address automatically enters our raffle with exciting prizes for adventurers. We are going to announce the winners after June 18, but you can take a look at the prizes here (in Bulgarian).

Donation options*


25 BGN

per person for Individual participation


20 BGN

per persona for Team participation (for teams of 5 or more participants)


15 BGN

Tube bandana

*Every donation goes towards Teach For Bulgaria’s work. We are going to invest all raised funds in the training and support of new teachers, the development of our programs “A New Way to Teaching” and “Model Schools”, as well as in other organizational activities related to the research and design of useful resources for teachers, parents, and students. Find out more about our work and what we do here. 


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Krasse Gueorguiev
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Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and generously supported by America For Bulgaria Foundation.

America for Bulgaria logo

Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and generously supported by America For Bulgaria Foundation.