Rules for the “Challenge for a cause” campaign

I. Organizer of the campaign

The campaign is organized by Teach For Bulgaria Foundation with Unique Number 175935973, registered with address of management Sofia, 1111, Tsarigradsko shose blvd 23, registered in the Central Register of Legal Entities with non-profit public benefit under No 20101007003 (“The Оrganizer”). 

II. Rules of the campaign

The campaign is taking place in line with the current rules (“Rules”) and all participants in the campaign are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions implied by these rules.  

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes or additions to the Rules and the changes are to be considered official after being published on the latest version of the website: https://zaednovchas.bg/en/sport/pravila

With their participation in the campaign the participants are bound by the Rules and agree to follow the conditions and deadlines of the campaign. In case a participant does not agree with or does not accept a change made to the Rules, the participant shall terminate his/her participation in the campaign by sending a written notice to the Organizer to the following email address: development@zaednovchas.bg

The campaign and these Rules are prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

III. Period and territory of the campaign

The campaign is taking place from 01.02.2022 until and including 18.06.2022.

The Organizer saves the right to extend the campaign period or to prematurely terminate the campaign by amending the current Rules.

The campaign is organized and conducted on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

ІV. Terms and Prizes. Determining the raffle winners

Each participant, who has registered via the registration form on the website of the campaign and who has bought a ticket via the registration form has the right to participate in the current campaign and in the raffle.

Each registered email for the “Challenge for a cause” guarantees one entry for participation in the raffle. 

Every purchased ticket serves as a donation to the Organizer. 

Every individual who is 18 years of age or above has the right to participate in the campaign. 

The raffle draw will take place on 20.06.2022 with the use of  a specialised software. The winners will be selected randomly in the presence of a committee composed of representatives of the Organizer. A protocol will be drawn up certifying the results of the raffle.

The prizes will be sent via courier to the address which the participant has indicated in the registration form. 

V. Protection of personal data

The campaign is conducted in compliance with the requirements of the Privacy Policy of the Organizer, in the role of data administrator in the current situation. The data provided by the participants related to the conduct of the campaign is collected, stored and processed only for the purposes of the campaign: conducting the raffle, including – determining the winning participants and providing the prizes, as well as providing information on the use of the donations collected.

The participants can get acquainted with the current Privacy Policy of the Organizer at the following link:https://zaednovchas.bg/en/privacy-policy/.

VІ. Conclusive conditions

Each participant can receive additional information via the following email address:  


Each participant in the campaign understands and agrees that the Organizer does not encourage nor support excessive physical activity. Every participant chooses a physical activity tailored to their own capabilities, health and age. The Organizer cannot be held accountable for potential trauma or injuries inflicted during the preparation or conduct of sports activities. 

The organizer supports and implements all anti-epidemic measures in connection with the spread of Covid -19 provided by the Ministry of Health, both those recommended and provided by law. The participants in the campaign understand this and are obliged to comply with the measures, agreeing that their participation is voluntary and may not have any claims against the Organizer in connection with a possible illness.


Disputes between the Organizer and a participant in connection with the campaign will be resolved amicably, through negotiations, and in case of further disagreement – by the competent Bulgarian court. 


The organizations which support Teach For Bulgaria and this event’s charitable cause:


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Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and generously supported by America For Bulgaria Foundation.

America for Bulgaria logo

Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and generously supported by America For Bulgaria Foundation.