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Mediocre education is everybody’s problem

Bulgarian students are far behind their peers from the EU

Half of 15-year-old students are functionally illiterate.

One in five Bulgarian youngsters (age 14-18) hasn’t been part of the educational system in 2021/ 22.

Almost 15% of the students do not graduate from secondary school and only 41% from the graduates continue to study at a higher educational level.

Bulgarian students significantly lag far behind in the development of their problem-solving skills, cognitive competences, media and financial literacy.

Poor quality education aggravates existing economic and social problems

The Bulgarian economy suffers from a chronic shortage of people (a permanently aging population) and the unpreparedness of new recruits for the labor market.

The majority of young people are inclined to passivity. Many do not study, work, or actively participate in solving civil society issues.

The mentioned lack of financial literacy, skills to handle misinformation, critical thinking, and an urge for personal development turn them into citizens who are not responsible for their own advancement and that of society.

We improve education by highlighting what reality is possible through investment in people

We are driven and united by the conviction that each Bulgarian child must have access to quality education – no matter its locality, school of choice, or the financial opportunities of its parents.

For 13 years, we have been supporting teachers, developing and training school teams, and building sustainable partnerships to introduce good practices into the education system. We are not fulfilling this vision on our own.

We work with businesses that share our values, professional principles, and the steady belief that quality education is the surest way to create the foundations of a prosperous country with happy and responsible citizens.

Teach for Bulgaria is one of Bulgaria’s most renowned and respected educational organizations since 2010. 

We’ve made and continue to build sustainable corporate partnerships that bring added value to society and the companies supporting our cause.

Our partners repeatedly report enhanced employee motivation, improved public image, and acknowledgment as a socially responsible business. 

Why should you support Teach for Bulgaria?

The cause

The quality of education has a tremendous effect on the whole society and directly influences every business and individual. Quality education sustainably increases economic growth, facilitates innovation, and improves social, health, and local policies. It shapes the environment in which we all live and work.

Professionalism and transparency

Teach for Bulgaria is one of the most acknowledged educational organizations in Bulgaria. We work transparently and under review by keeping high professional standards. This approach is the basis of our sustainable partnerships with local and international companies, leading industry organizations, and key institutional partners.

Added value for your employees

We are always looking for the most appropriate support format that will bring value to Teach for Bulgaria, your company, and your employees. We invest in new formats so that they can support the goals of your HR experts, such as increasing the motivation, cohesion, and contentment of your employees. 

How to support us

Donate financially to one of the listed initiatives:

Model Schools which provide quality education for their students

Support Model Schools

Model Schools is the only qualification program in Bulgaria that helps schools improve their teaching and management. Thus, it supports the success of all its students.

It is a two-year program that includes various elements - quality live and online trainings, support from an experienced mentor, practical exercises, goal setting for improvement with students, and tracking the progress over the two years.

Your financial support will ensure that more schools nationwide have access to the necessary resources to provide quality and contemporary education for their students. 


If you choose to support Model Schools, you will have the opportunity to participate directly in the everyday life of schools by visiting classrooms, participating in volunteer actions and trainings, etc.

The program is currently being supported by: 

  • ADM 
  • BGO Software
  • Bulsatcom
  • Bosch
  • Cargill
  • Sopharma
  • Siteground
  • UniCredit

Helpful and contemporary educational resources for the entire educational community


Since 2019, Teach for Bulgaria has been developing is the most extensive and rapidly advancing educational platform for teachers, principals, and educational experts in Bulgaria.

The platform supports the development of the Bulgarian educational community through:

  • Creating and disseminating quality resources to support teachers in delivering innovative, engaging lessons and extracurricular activities.
  • Promoting tested practices from Bulgarian classrooms.

For less than three years, the platform has been visited 1 300 000 times, has more than 1000 articles, and has more than 37 000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter.

Your financial support will ensure that we create more diverse and valuable educational materials on social-emotional skills, environmental preservation, STEM, financial, digital, and media literacy.

We offer a variety of options for sponsorship which can reflect your interests. has been supported by:

  • TDBPlay
  • Yettel
  • VISA

Organize or become part of an initiative in support of our work:

Organize a charity campaign with your own product or services.

Marketing with a Causese

“Marketing with a Causese” campaigns are a fantastic opportunity for any business offering products or services to end users to enhance the added value of their commercial proposition by including a charitable element.

How does it work?

Your business can donate to Teach for Bulgaria a portion of its revenue from a given product or a service for a specific period. Thus, your clients will feel more motivated to pursue the purchase (supporting an essential public cause), and your company will categorically position itself as a socially responsible entity.

Another possibility is that your company organizes a way for your employees and customers to donate to your sites. Your company can double the amount raised when a specific donation amount is reached. Thus, a culture of loyalty is cultivated inside the company and your contribution to the cause doubles.


Teach for Bulgaria has great experience organizing “Marketing with a Cause” campaigns. Some of the examples from the last few years include businesses such as: 

Become a sponsor of a charity event or an initiative of Teach for Bulgaria.

Support a charity event

Each year, Teach for Bulgaria organizes significant events and initiatives directly linked to its organizational mission and long-term sustainability. 

These events are a great opportunity to position your company among key target groups and support access to quality education.

Our upcoming events:

  • October - Celebrity Charity Auction - the largest fundraising event of Teach for Bulgaria, which brings together over 100 prominent business leaders, celebrities, and representatives of responsible companies in support of our work.
  • April – Focus: Good practices - A two-day education forum with more than 400 guests (teachers, principals, education experts) that includes presentations, workshops, an education expo, and an exchange of best practices.
  • June – Challenge yourself with a cause - a mass sports event for employees of large companies and other active sports people who practice their favorite sports in support of Teach for Bulgaria.

These events include different sponsorship levels, financial/ in-kind support, and positioning options. Do not hesitate to write to us with the slightest interest or curiosity at 

Celebrate a birthday or another special occasion with the cause of Teach for Bulgaria.

Celebrate with a cause

Every event of yours can become even more special and successful if you include a charitable element.

Whether your event is a birthday party, an annual conference, or a regular team building, incorporating Teach for Bulgaria’s cause will add more value for the guests. It will position you as a socially responsible company in the industry and make your employees even more proud to work for you.

The support formats can vary widely and can be combined with your company's other goals (HR, marketing, leadership, etc.).

The most popular and successful ideas for incorporating our cause include offering charity tickets, collecting donations during an event (with a subsequent doubling of the final amount by the company), and a charity quiz.

Businesses that put trust in us for their special occasions and events include: 

Encourage your employees to donate and support our cause in a way that fits them.

Ангажирай служителите си 

One of the most successful business practices for employee engagement is for companies to facilitate and encourage donations in their workplace.

When employees can donate personally or choose their employer's cause, companies report an increased sense of loyalty and contentment at the workplace. 

We work with the most popular platforms for corporate donations and payroll donations in Bulgaria and worldwide. 

Even if your company does not rely on such platforms, encouraging your employees to mindfully use a portion of their salary and stimulate them with additional rewards is always a good idea.

We'd gladly share with your employees more about the Teach for Bulgaria cause and the impact of our work so they can get a personal impression from the stories and people they support.

If you are interested or need assistance, contact us at

Companies that support us in this way: 

  • Google
  • McKinsey
  • VMWare
  • HPE и HPInc.

As our corporate partner you receive

Certificate and contract of donation

Report for the funds collected and used

Visibility on Teach for Bulgaria’s website and annual report (logo, interview, article, or blog post for our joint campaign)

Subscription to our special monthly newsletter for donors and supporters

Event invitations (as guests, lecturers, etc.)

Visibility and acknowledgment by Teach for Bulgaria’s community and over 15,000 teachers and principals for our specific partner initiative related to education

Gratitude in the form of social network posts

Press release about our joint initiative/ partnership

Visit a class in a school we work with

Nominations for CSR and donation-related awards

All of the forms of contribution and acknowledgment can be discussed and specified individually with each partner, according to the type and amount of the donation, the specifics of the partnership, and the desire of your company.

Contact us

Contact us at or fill out the contact form. We will reach out to you to arrange a personal meeting to discuss the most appropriate form of support, donation or collaboration with your company.

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