Linda Petkova at the 2017 Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction


The cold and gloomy afternoon of February 15 seemed to bring the expected ending of another regular winter day. At Questers, a software company in Sofia, however, the atmosphere was much jollier and filled with anticipation. The kitchen at the office was filled with scents of cinnamon, coconut, and peanut butter, and the tables in the dining hall were covered in mysterious ingredients, bowls, measuring spoons and cups ready for… a culinary surprise.

Five surprises, to be exact – the charming Linda Petkova and four of her gluten-free gourmet Virgin Cakes made with organic ingredients. Linda was a special guest at Questers because she participated in the 2017 Inspirational “Leaders Charity Auction” organized by Teach For Bulgaria.

The annual charity auction gives professionals from various business sectors the opportunity to bid for two hours of the time of inspirational public figures and celebrities. Celebrities and public figures, who participate in the auction, donate their time and host corporate events or participate in team building activities. The generous support of the business sector, the celebrities, and public figures is valuable to the work of all participants in the program, contributes to the success of every child in Bulgaria, and to a positive change in education as a whole.

Questers and Linda had been planning her visit for over a month because they wanted to make it as pleasant and as engaging as possible for their team, shares Linda.
They finally came up with the idea to organize a workshop for raw energy bites with oats in addition to the healthy cakes and cooking tips. Linda shared it was a simple recipe she often made with her kids, it didn’t require a lot of preparation and ingredients, but was extremely tasty.

During the workshop Questers employees managed to demonstrate true effective collaboration and team spirit by taking part in the process of preparing the raw oat bites – they mixed the ingredients, shaped them into little balls, cleaned up their workspace, and of course, had a tasty snack. Linda kept giving them little tips and tricks to help make the bites even better.
When the workshop was done everyone had the chance to taste the energy bites, to enjoy a piece of Linda’s gluten-free cakes, made especially for the occasion, and to have a glass of wine.

“We were very excited to have Linda Petkova at our office because we constantly challenge each other to lead healthier lives, so initiatives such as this one, which are not only good for you, but also tasty, are more than welcome!
Making raw sweets with organic and bio ingredients turned out to be extremely easy and a lot of fun with Linda’s guidance. She walked around ready and always happy to help, even though we had tons of questions!
We are happy to support Teach For Bulgaria once again and we are also glad that we managed to organize something useful, interesting, and entertaining for our colleagues!” This is what Blagovesta Nikolova, HR Manager at Questers, shared about their experience.

Linda Petkova’s visit was not the first time an inspirational public figure visited Questers thanks to the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. Last year the jazz singer Hilda Kazasyan visited the company and shared more about her career path and in 2016 the photographer Galya Yotova organized a special photography workshop for Questers employees.
Questers are true supporters of Teach For Bulgaria. They support the organization on a regular basis by organizing various corporate initiatives, events, and fundraisers. In partnership with Questers, Teach For Bulgaria started a charity IT quiz called QuizIT and its third edition is coming up in April of 2018.

Linda Petkova visiting 159 Primary School “Vasil Levski” in Chelopechene, Sofia

Linda Petkova had been a guest at the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction for years but for the first time in 2017 she participated as one of the inspirational public figures for whom the guests could bid and support Teach For Bulgaria, our mission, and the hard work of all participants in the program. Last fall she visited the students of one of the participants in the program and taught them how to make cakes not only delicious, but healthier as well.