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Has it ever occured to you to celebrate your birthday by supporting a cause or an organization you truly believed in? Have you tried challenging your friends (or even strangers) to support you… by sharing a problem they face at work?

Marieta Bencheva came up with an unusual way to celebrate her birthday with “Education for Business Case Studies” – a challenge which encourages professionals to share business related case studies at where every case study leads to a donation. Marieta is also one of the co-founders of Consulthon.

Two weeks ago she posted about the challenge on social media and encouraged her friends and acquaintances to participate:

“We all remember the story “Plums for Trash”. Some of us probably still read it to children or grandchildren. For my birthday, I’ve decided to revisit this story and create a modern interpretation called “Education for Business Case Studies”. Every time you share a business related case study or solution at I’m going to donate £10 to Teach For Bulgaria. My goal is to see at least 50 posts at (if you share more, that means more money will be donated to education) and monetize them thus supporting two motivated Teach For Bulgaria participants for two months.”

The motivation behind this challenge

Marieta shared that her motivation to support Teach For Bulgaria came from her conviction that quality education is very empowering:

“Children can pick neither their families, nor where they are born and these factors basically determine whether they go to school and what they learn there in terms of knowledge, critical and analytical thinking – skills which require a sound base and constant development. Socio-economic factors can even determine their career paths. I have been lucky and I’m grateful to my parents for providing me with the opportunity to get quality education which has brought me so many wonderful professional opportunities and social entrepreneurship initiatives. This is why I want to support education. It is not a passive investment – on the contrary – it always pays back and nobody can take it away from you. Modern-day teachers should be supported and encouraged,” Marieta shared.  

She added that if the family is considered to be society’s building block, then education is the building block of economy and progress.

More about Marieta and Consulthon

Marieta is the co-founder of the international consulting platform The platform connects consultants from around the world and helps businesses find modern and effective solutions to their problems. Marieta and her business partner felt that Consulthon would be a good solution to a problem they faced in their experience as consultants – the lack of a business forum where they could share case studies and exchange ideas. They decided to create the solution they were missing – Consulthon. The main principles of the platform are as follows:

  1. Universal exchange – an obstacle can become a solution and an idea can turn into expertise.

  2. Universal trust – when professionals connect they can unite in order to collaborate on different projects.

“We have access to tons of information, but what matters the most is how to apply it – we need to be able to share business related problems and offer solutions,” Marieta said and added, “Knowledge, unlike raw material and energy, is the only resource which grows the more you use it.”

Marieta is convinced that in this new age of innovation, automation, drastic change of different industries, sharing economy, and a global market the most important thing is to raise intelligent people who are capable of taking charge.

If you share her views, support her cause by sharing a case study at by tomorrow, March 12.

Find out more about how you can support Teach For Bulgaria by making a donation here.

Go to our “Challenge Yourself for a Cause” page to find out how you can support our mission by challenging yourself and your friends in the name of education just like Marieta.

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