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Откриване на учебната година Обу Йордан Йовков

A Letter from a Principal: I Recognized the Importance of Being Together in These Trying Times

19 May, 2020

We believe that one of the key elements which should be highlighted, especially considering what our education system has been going through over the past few months, is school-level support.  We’ve come to realize that in these uncertain times we …

предизвикателството прието от традиционно към дистанционно обучение

Challenge Accepted: from Traditional to Remote Learning in Two Days

29 April, 2020

Best Practices: 90 Secondary School in the neighborhood of Lyulin in Sofia (link in Bulgarian) and its smooth, organized transition to remote learning over just one weekend seen through the perspective of the geography teacher Gergana Cholakova (video in Bulgarian). …

I Wasn’t Shocked by My Students’ Spelling Mistakes, but by the Fact That They Had Low Expectations for Their Lives

15 December, 2019

Petya Daneva, founder of “The Academy of Knowledge” in Varna and Teach For Bulgaria alumna, talks about her experience as a teacher and social entrepreneur If you’re looking for a rewarding profession and you feel ready to take on the …