Donate Your Old Devices and Support Children’s Access to Education during the Current State of Emergency

The Center for Interethnic Dialog and Tolerance “Amalipe” started a charity campaign in search of old laptops, tablets, and smartphones for schools and students with no access to such devices during the current state of emergency

“Amalipe” started a donation campaign in order to collect old but functional devices in support of children from low-income communities whose access to online education is extremely limited. Having a computer or a smartphone is far from the reality of many children who grow up in poverty. The campaign is called “Old Devices for a New Beginning” and its goal is to collect 6500 devices (preferably laptops and tablets, but smartphones and computers are also more than welcome) for over 180 schools in different regions of Bulgaria.

You can choose which school to support by selecting one from the table in the donation form. The table is updated regularly. 

All collected devices, new or second-hand, will be donated to the schools. The schools will then distribute the devices to children in need. This procedure will be documented with takeover records.

The schools will also make sure that these children are included in the online education process. The devices will be returned to the schools at the end of the school year so that they can be used again by children in need during the following one.

We can issue donation certificates to our donors, if needed.

Here is how to participate in this donation campaign:

1. Donate any old devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, computers) you no longer use.

Feel free to donate any old but functional devices which can be used with no need of repair or reinstallation.

2. Purchase and donate new devices.

You or your organization are more than welcome to purchase and donate brand-new devices.

3. Share this campaign with your contacts or partners.
4. Become a volunteer and help us process all donations in Veliko Tarnovo.

This includes documenting, testing, disinfecting, distributing, and shipping the devices to the respective schools.

You can find more details about the campaign and any requirements or conditions for potential donors on “Amalipe”’s website.

The donation campaign comes as a result of a survey on the topic of online teaching conducted among 200 schools. According to the survey, many schools located in rural areas or serving children from vulnerable communities report that their students do not have access to appropriate devices for online learning. This stops many children from participating in the online learning process despite all efforts by teachers and mediators.

“Most schools have to operate in two gears when it comes to online teaching: part of the students participate in online classes and other forms of internet-based education while others remain passive or only work with education mediators who are able to distribute worksheets and lessons. In some schools this is the case for over three quarters of all students,” “Amalipe” team members share.

The Regional Management of Education for Veliko Tarnovo have kindly provided a designated area for the documentation, disinfection, and distribution of all donations. This will be done by volunteers and team members of “Amalipe”. 

Teach For Bulgaria supports this initiative. Many of the schools listed in the donation form are partner schools of our organization as well.
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