Codenames VS Pandemic

A charity games night at A1’s office combined having fun with supporting Teach For Bulgaria’s cause

Can a fun evening at the office support a worthy cause? When is saving the world from a deadly pandemic a team-building activity? A1’s employees can now answer these questions because they participated in an exciting charity games night on Feb 27. The event was organized by Teach For Bulgaria and GameNomad.

45 people from different teams of the telecommunications company chose to stay at the office after work in order to participate in the charity event on Thursday evening. They played 10 board games together and learned more about Teach For Bulgaria’s work. Teach For Bulgaria, GameNomad, and A1 had prepared a special selection of corporate and cooperative board games in order to help employees develop their teamwork skills, improve their job satisfaction, and have fun together.

The charity event presented the guests with exciting adventures and a variety of board games. Four teams competed against each other in a Codenames tournament. GamesNomad explained the rules of each game which made it much easier for the guests to start playing and enjoy themselves as soon as possible.

“Even though this was a pilot event, many of our colleagues wanted to participate. We weren’t sure how many would be interested in board games at first, but it turned out that there were a lot of enthusiasts. Some colleagues even wanted to bring their children to the event, so that the game facilitators could teach them how to strategize. Everyone was very happy at the end of the several hours we spent together playing board games and learning new skills by playing in teams. The best thing, however, was that everyone who participated in the event also supported Teach For Bulgaria’s mission which brought us not only joy, but fulfillment as well,” shared Denitsa Kolarska, Senior CSR and Internal Communications Expert at A1. 

The charity quiz night is part of Teach For Bulgaria’s office challenges with a cause. Companies can organize entertaining and engaging experiences for their employees and support Teach For Bulgaria at the same time.

Take a look at some photos from the event:

We’ll share more information about our office challenges soon.
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