30 Bulgarian Students Completed Teach For Bulgaria’s First Leadership Academy in London

Teach For Bulgaria’s Leadership Academy in London brought 30 Bulgarian students from 14 universities in the UK together. The participants had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops, presentations, discussions, and lectures led by Teach For Bulgaria representatives and supporters of the organization.


Teach For Bulgaria’s Leadership Development Program


The participants had the chance to learn more about the leadership skills teachers develop in Teach For Bulgaria’s leadership and professional development program. They also learned more about the Bulgarian context of educational inequality. They had the opportunity to talk to business leaders from various sectors and hear their success stories.


“Being a leader means leading without authority; look for the best opportunities which allow you to learn from what you do and develop the skills that you want.”

Mina Dimitrova, Google
“It’s important to focus on what you want to accomplish as a leader, to have a plan. Another crucial aspect are the relationships you build with people.”

– James Darley, TeachFirst UK
“Be the small fish in the ocean full of big fish, learn from them, lead your team and forget about your ego, embrace your mistakes, and get better at what you do quickly.”

– Yavor Atanasov, BBC

.:: What the participants had to say::.

“The academy was a weekend spent in an exceptionally stimulating environment, full of interesting ideas and positive energy.”

“The most valuable aspects to me, were getting to know the other participants and the opportunity to self-reflect during the games.”

“The variety of lectures and tasks we had to work on piqued my interest and made me think about what the other students and I discussed… I learned a lot not just about leadership, but also how to develop my own skills – communication, teamwork, patience, and discretion.”

The second edition of the Leadership Academy in London is going to be next fall. Meanwhile, there is going to be a Leadership Academy in Germany in March of 2019!

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