30 под 30, 30 under 30

Teach For Bulgaria alumni are included in the prestigious list for yet another year

Blazhka Dimitrova, Teach For Bulgaria alumna, and Anjela Deyanska, Development and Fundraising Manager at Teach For Bulgaria, are included in this year’s selection of young Bulgarian leaders – Forbes Bulgaria 30 Under 30. The new list of young Bulgarian leaders was announced at a big one-day forum on Sept. 18 in Sofia. Forbes Bulgaria’s 30 Under 30 exclusive list celebrates 30 young successful Bulgarians under 30 years of age, who have established themselves as change agents and have significant accomplishments in their respective fields. The young leaders in the prestigious list are celebrated for their achievements in several categories – education, social entrepreneurship, business, sports, and culture. The final selection is made by a jury of experts who assess all nominees.

Blazhka Dimitrova is celebrated for her social entrepreneurship projects

Her social entrepreneurship projects are “Blagichka – cooking for a cause” and Zero Waste Bulgaria. Blazhka joined Teach For Bulgaria’s leadership and professional development program back in 2013 and completed it successfully in 2015. Cooking was her hobby, so as a teacher, she tried to improve her students’ motivation and engagement in class by cooking for them. This method worked and Blazhka started her first social entrepreneurship project “Blagichka” inspired by her students’ support.

Blazhka’s catering company’s vision is to provide delicious and healthy food with the smallest possible ecological footprint. She employs disadvantaged young people who have been raised in orphanages or foster care. This gives them the opportunity not only to have a job, but also to develop a good work ethic and crucial skills for professional development. Blazhka invests part of the revenue in additional trainings for disadvantaged children. Thanks to these trainings young people from vulnerable communities have a chance to learn how to cook, plan their weekly grocery shopping, pick nutritious and affordable food, and take better care of their physical and mental health by making better and more informed food choices.

Blazhka started Zero Waste Bulgaria last year. The project aims to raise awareness of environmental problems and resource depletion.

Anjela Deyanska is celebrated for her achievements in education

Anjela is recognized for her consistent and purposeful effort to build a sustainable relationship between business and education in Bulgaria. Anjela has been the Development and Fundraising Manager at Teach For Bulgaria since 2016. Anjela and her team find various ways to engage Teach For Bulgaria’s external partners in the cause for equal access to quality education for every child.

Teach For Bulgaria’s community has been highly represented in Forbes Bulgaria 30 Under 30 ever since the initiative started back in 2013. Forbes Bulgaria’s list has celebrated Teach For Bulgaria alumni, team members, and supporters. Among those received recognition are Teach For Bulgaria’s CEO Evgenia Peeva-Kirova (2013) and the alumni of the leadership and professional development program Teodora Zareva (2014), Emiliyan Kadiyski (2014), Ivelina Pashova (2015), Ivan Gospodinov (2016), and Daniela Ivanova (2016). Emiliyan Kadiyski was also internationally recognized as a social entrepreneur in 2017 when he was included in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Europe.

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