How a Family Value Led to a Golf Tournament in Support of Education

Daneta and Dimitar Zhelev choose to support Teach For Bulgaria with their annual family golf tournament for the fifth year in a row. Find out more about their motivation to help us provide equal access to quality education to every child.

The Zhelev family with some of the participants in the tournament


“If I have to prioritize which cause to support, education is the most important one,” says Daneta Zheleva, CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria.

Daneta, her husband, and Family Business Network Bulgaria organized a Charity Family Golf Tournament for the fifth year in a row. The event took place on October 10 and all raised funds were donated to Teach For Bulgaria.


“We gather supporters at the tournament every year. Some of them have supported Teach For Bulgaria before while others hear about the organization for the first time. They are very impressed by the stories from the classrooms and say things like ‘Is this really happening in Bulgaria?’. They are also impressed by the fact that more and more young people are willing to contribute to Bulgarian education by joining the program of the organization,” Mrs. Zheleva shares some of the impressions from the tournament participants and highlights that the event has two goals – fundraising and raising awareness about Teach For Bulgaria.

Daneta and Dimitar’s decision to support Teach For Bulgaria is not accidental. She and her husband both have teachers in their families and have a very profound respect for the teaching profession. The Zhelevs see education as a tool which can spread good ideas to many people. This is why they believe that by supporting education they support the development of our society.

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As per tradition, the tournament took place at Pravets Golf Club and gathered representatives of the Family Business Network, Bulgarian and international golfers and children from the youth national golf team

“Today we are facing a shortage of doctors when we need to go to the hospital in the current COVID-19 pandemic. It all boils down to education. We cannot have a functioning society without education. Education creates not only good professionals, but also people with good ethics and manners,” adds Daneta Zheleva.

According to Mrs. Zheleva, the fact that the members of her family have had the option to go to good schools and have devoted teachers does not change the harsh reality that many children are deprived of that opportunity. “This is why Teach For Bulgaria is the cause we choose to support 5 years in a row,” concludes Mrs. Zheleva.

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Стани част от вдъхновяващите учители, които променят света на учениците си