Teach for Bulgaria is going to meet with supporters in the USA in May

meet supporters USA

The goal is to talk about the quality of education in Bulgaria and how everyone can contribute to making it better.

meet supporters USATeach For Bulgaria representatives are going to visit a few cities in the USA in May where they will meet with current and future supporters of the cause of equal access to high-quality education for every child in Bulgaria. Everyone who is interested in Bulgarian school education, how it can serve the individual needs of every student, and how we could reduce educational inequality is welcome to join the meetings. Guests will be able to learn more about how they could support Teach For Bulgaria’s mission even though they live abroad: by providing expertise, advice, mentorship of new teachers, or by supporting our fundraising efforts.

These events are possible with the help of Teach For Bulgaria’s current supporters based in the USA – the Bulgarian embassy in Washington DC, private companies, and individual supporters.
Teach For Bulgaria representatives welcome anyone interested in Bulgarian education on the following dates and locations:


A meeting with current and future Teach For Bulgaria supporters dedicated to the development of leadership in the education sector in Bulgaria and how everyone could support the mission of the organization – equal access to high-quality education for every child in Bulgaria.


A discussion on “Leadership for Innovative Policy” led by Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, founder and CEO of Teach For Bulgaria. The event is organized with the kind support and participation of Bulgaria’s Ambassador Tihomir Stoychev and will be in English.


A meeting with current and future Teach For Bulgaria supporters which would give us the opportunity to talk about educational challenges in Bulgaria, the mission and approach of Teach For Bulgaria and the ways in which we could all contribute to providing every child in Bulgaria with access to high-quality education.

Teach For Bulgaria’s work as well as the relentless work of the participants in the program who teach for at least two years at schools serving students with low socioeconomic status and who develop valuable skills for their long-term commitment and career in education would not be possible without our supporters. These are people united by the cause of equal access to high-quality education for every child and the mindset that everyone can contribute to making it happen. Teach For Bulgaria is generously supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and by corporate partners, and individual donors. Apart from donating, many of them become teacher mentors, visit schools as guest speakers and talk to students, or support the organization by providing valuable expertise, helping organize events, and running campaigns.

If you are interested or have any questions about these events or if you’d like to learn more about becoming a Teach For Bulgaria supporter, you can reach out to our Development team at development@zaednovchas.bg.


"Заедно в час" подготвя способни хора да бъдат мотивиращи учители, за да може всяко дете в България да има достъп до качествено образование.

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Подкрепете “Заедно в час” и EducArt в създаването на методика и материали за обучение на ученици с различен майчин език.