Over 100 Teach For Bulgaria Teachers Start the New School Year

Teach For Bulgaria class of 2019-2021

Over 100 Teach For Bulgaria teachers are going to teach at partner schools of the organization in 11 regions of the country. The first-year teachers are 55 and they are part of the ninth class of participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s program.

The new participants have diverse professional backgrounds. Some of them have previously worked as journalists, social workers, economists, etc. The majority of participants in Teach For Bulgaria class of 2019-2021 are primary school teachers followed by English and math teachers. They are going to teach in different towns and villages located in the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Lovech, Pazardzhik, Pleven, Plovdiv, Pernik, Razgrad, Sofia City, Sofia Province, and Stara Zagora. Many alumni of the program still teach in these and several other regions of Bulgaria. 

Teach For Bulgaria currently has nearly 60 partner schools, 11 of them are new partners of the organization.

All participants in the program are subject to the same legal requirements as all Bulgarian teachers. Participants who are not certified teachers have already started their university qualification at Teach For Bulgaria’s partner universities in compliance with all state requirements. Teach For Bulgaria is currently partners with Plovdiv University and Veliko Tarnovo University. 

Teach For Bulgaria’s mission is to recruit, train, and develop talented and motivated professionals in their long-term efforts to change Bulgarian education for the better. During the two-year leadership and professional development program all participants go through intense training and receive professional support. They work as teachers at underperforming schools in different regions of Bulgaria. They continue to contribute towards better quality education in Bulgaria by pursuing a variety of careers.

Over 300 participants have successfully completed the program so far. Nearly 80% of them are still professionally engaged in education as teachers, social entrepreneurs, or by working at civic and advocacy organizations, etc.

Teach For Bulgaria has built a strong community of current participants, alumni, and key partners from all sectors in order to support and sustain the long-term access to quality education for all children in Bulgaria.

The organization was initiated and financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Teach For Bulgaria is part of the global network for equal access to quality education Teach For All. 

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