Popular Science Films Support Bulgarian Education during Distance Learning

допълнителен ТВ пакет Глобус

The additional “Globe” package by Bulsatcom supports Teach For Bulgaria’s cause with a donation for every package activated in 2021

In one of the most challenging years for Bulgarian education Bulsatcom and Teach For Bulgaria are launching a joint campaign in an effort to support every child’s access to quality education. 

Order your “Globe” package in the nearest Bulsatcom office, through your personal account at www.bulsat.com or by phone at 0700 3 1919

Starting in December of 2020, Bulsatcom is going to donate 50 stotinki of the price of each activated monthly “Globe” package in support of Teach For Bulgaria. Anyone who buys this package will have access to high-quality documentaries and popular fiction films which can be quite useful for the purposes of distance learning, but they also will be supporting Teach For Bulgaria’s efforts to make Bulgarian education better. 

Teach For Bulgaria is one of the best established educational organizations in Bulgaria. For 10 years now, the organization has been developing new teachers, supporting school staff and building partnerships in order to introduce fresh best practices in the system of education. 

“Bulsatcom firmly believes that equal access to quality education is fundamental for the success of our children and the prosperity of our country. This is why we have chosen to support Teach For Bulgaria financially by donating funds generated by sales of the additional educational “Globe” package”, shares Stanislav Georgiev, Executive Director of Bulsatcom.

Bulsatcom has selected some of the best popular fiction and history channels. This special selection can be accessed only by purchasing the additional “Globe” package. Some of these channels are Love Nature HD, Love Nature 4K ULTRA HD (only for IPTV), Travel ХP, The World, and H2. The monthly fee is 2 BGN for all Bulsatcom customers and one quarter of it will be donated to Teach For Bulgaria.

“We believe that now more than ever it is crucial for us to work together as partners – teachers, parents, the business community, the civic sector, and all institutions. This is what it takes to support our students and to make sure that they have access to quality education. Our partnership with Bulsatcom will allow us to not only support more teachers and schools in the next several years, but it will also encourage many students to learn at home during the period of distance learning. They will be able to develop their knowledge about our planet, nature, and history thanks to the channels in the “Globe” package,” adds Trayan Trayanov, CEO of Teach For Bulgaria.

More about Teach For Bulgaria

Teach For Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization which has been working towards providing every child with equal access to quality education for 10 years now. So far over 400 teachers have successfully completed Teach For Bulgaria’s program “A New Way to Teaching”. They have received professional support in their work as teachers serving children from vulnerable communities as part of the two-year program. This has allowed them to experience some of the most prominent challenges of our education system first-hand. Over 80% of our “A New Way to Teaching” alumni continue their work in the education sector as teachers, principals, experts, etc. In 2020, Teach For Bulgaria launched a new two-year program called “Model Schools” with the purpose to provide holistic professional support but this time to the entire school staff. “Model Schools” supports school staff in the development and implementation of sustainable and effective teaching and management practices which can potentially lead to students’ better academic and personal development results. The first participants in the new program are 25 schools with diverse profiles located in different regions of Bulgaria. 

Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. It is also part of the international network for equal access to quality education Teach For All.

More about Bulsatcom

Bulsatcom is the largest provider of paid television in Bulgaria with a leading position in satellite television services. Bulsatcom is among the key companies in Bulgaria which offer interactive television with high quality and diverse content. 

Bulsatcom airs over 240 channels, 110 of them are available in HD format and 5 of them are available in 4K ULTRA HD format. The company has a wide portfolio of TV channels which are exclusively aired within the Bulsatcom network. The portfolio includes channels such as TV+, F+, Sport +, Action +, Comedy +, etc.

Our work is possible because of your support. 

Make a donation and help us support even more teachers and schools throughout the new year!

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