Schools from All over Bulgaria Can Now Work with Teach For Bulgaria Teachers. The Deadline is April 30.

All principals can now submit teaching vacancies and potentially work with motivated teachers from Teach For Bulgaria’s program “A New Way to Teaching”

We are now accepting teaching vacancies for the new class of “A New Way to Teaching” participants. For the first time schools all over Bulgaria can apply. Teach For Bulgaria’s new class of teachers have gone through a process of rigorous selection and are highly motivated to work with every child. All schools who would like to work with our new teachers, have to submit their vacancies by April 30 here.

“We already have selected over 60 teachers out of more than 2000 applicants from across Bulgaria. They have gone through a rigorous selection process in order to prove that they are the right fit for this job. These highly-skilled professionals are eager to start teaching at school all across the country. We will give them the opportunity to choose from a list of all vacancies we have so far at the end of March, so principals are highly encouraged to submit any available positions as early as possible in order to recruit the most motivated and suitable for their school participants,” shares Blaga Todorova, Strategic Partnerships Specialist at Teach For Bulgaria.

Teach For Bulgaria has been working towards providing every child in Bulgaria with access to quality education and opportunities for development, regardless of their socio-economic status for 10 years now. “A New Way to Teaching” is our first and most successful program. The participants in this program receive access to specialized training sessions, mentorship, teaching qualifications, school placement, career development opportunities, useful resources, professional contacts and strong friendships. We even introduced special modules for effective online teaching into the program last year.

Partner Schools

“A New Way to Teaching” seeks partnership with municipal and public schools whose management and teaching staff believe that every student can be successful and strive to work towards that. The program is suitable for schools that proactively work towards positive change in Bulgarian education and are willing to support young motivated teachers to implement innovative teaching practices. 

New Teachers

All participants have gone through a rigorous selection process which guarantees that they have the right skills and mindset to be the perfect fit for your school. A record number of over 2000 people have applied for the program so far this year and hundreds are still working on their applications as the deadline is March 25. The new participants are willing to work in small towns and villages, or neighborhoods with vulnerable populations, where students struggle with their performance at school and are at risk of dropping out. 

Some of the new participants have already started their preliminary training and will go through an intensive summer training program which has both theoretical and practical sessions (they will teach actual students for three weeks). “A New Way to Teaching” participants receive mentorship from experienced professionals and get access to ongoing training sessions based on their individual needs and struggles in the classroom, as well as additional opportunities for professional development. This extensive training program is in absolute compliance with the state requirements and legislation.  

Any participants with no prior teaching qualifications will go through a university program to get their teaching license. This is part of the Ministry of Education and Science’s national program “Motivated Teachers”. This national program supports schools who would like to recruit experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds with or without teaching experience or qualifications. Teach For Bulgaria is a partner organization in the execution of this national program in collaboration with the Bulgarian Union of Teachers. We are responsible for modules 1 and 3 which involve teacher training and support. 

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