Teach For Bulgaria Is Launching a New Program to Support School Teams

A FIERST training with teams from 18 schools from across Bulgaria

Model Schools – Teach For Bulgaria’s new program – will provide professional support and development opportunities to school staff ready to work for every child’s success

Teach For Bulgaria is launching Model Schools – a new program for professional support and development opportunities for schools. Model Schools is aimed at helping schools in the development and application of sustainable and effective teaching and leadership practices which contribute to every student’s success.


Model Schools is a two-year program, comprised of two integral courses: Instructional Leadership and practical methodological courses selected by the school. Each course involves a specific school project, ongoing training, and mentorship.

The program is a successor of America for Bulgaria’s Education Leadership Academy and builds upon Teach For Bulgaria’s professional support and training experience.


The trainings are planned and executed by passionate professionals with expertise in teaching and teacher support. They all share the conviction that people are the key to every child’s access to quality education and support. Ivelina Pashova is the head of the team. She is a Teach For Bulgaria alumna, part of the first class of participants in our leadership and professional development program. Ivelina has valuable experience as a teacher, vice principal, and teacher trainer.

Any school staff which participates in Model Schools joins a large community of educators eager to work together for systemic change in the name of providing quality education to every student. All Model School training modules have been included in the professional development training register for teachers and principals approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. All teachers and principals who complete them successfully will be granted with professional development credits.

Trayan Trayanov, CEO

“MBAs and regular people skills trainings are a given for senior managers in the business sector. Larger businesses recruit HR specialists and invest a lot in professional development programs and ongoing training.

School staff need the same type of support, especially with such high expectations society holds them to: to provide the care and education that will enable all children to eventually transform into the drivers of our community, economy, and labor market.

Our conviction that investing in people is the crucial success factor for any initiative guides us in the development and launching of Model Schools,” Trayan Trayanov, CEO of Teach For Bulgaria, shares.

The first schools to participate in the program are going to start their training in the fall. We are currently selecting our first participants.

The program is going to be assessed by an external evaluator. Once this model is tested and validated, it will be available for scaling by the Ministry of Education and Science and other actors in the education system.

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