Ranging from an Entrepreneur to a Sailor: Five of This Year’s Celebrities at the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction

Bogomil Balkansky, Hilda Kazasyan, Vera Gotseva, Alek Aleksiev, Doncho Papazov, and many more inspirational public figures are going to support Teach For Bulgaria’s work

In the fall evening of October 16 Teach For Bulgaria is going to bring together a variety of inspirational public figures and celebrities such as the Vice President of Google, one of the most popular jazz singers in Bulgaria, the first Bulgarian to ever solo sail around the world through Cape Horn, the actor who played Bacho Gicho in Heights, and the photographer who takes impressive professional photographs with her phone.

These are just some of the celebrities who are going to participate in this year’s charity auction.

For the eighth year in a row this event brings business leaders and popular public figures together in the name of a worthy cause. All funds raised at the charity auction support Teach For Bulgaria’s work. Every celebrity donates two hours of their time and the guests from the business sector bid for them. Whoever makes the highest bid wins and all funds are donated to Teach For Bulgaria.


The Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction is organized in partnership with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and is sponsored by the Hilton in Sofia, SEG, Villa Melnik, and Kinstellar.

The ninth Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction is just around the corner, so we would love to tell you more about this year’s participants and how they plan to use the time they donate in the name of our cause – the success of every child.

Bogomil Balkansky and his lessons for success

Bogomil Balkansky

One of the most successful and influential Bulgarians in the technological world is also a loyal supporter of Teach For Bulgaria and has helped us in a variety of ways over the past few years. We are honored that Bogomil Balkansky was the first celebrity to confirm his participation in this year’s auction. Whoever bids the highest for his time will have the opportunity to learn more about Bogomil, his journey to success in the Silicon Valley, and what helps him strike the perfect work-life balance. Bogomil will also share how he makes time for his passion for traveling, diving, cooking, as well as how and why he supports inspiring causes and young entrepreneurs.

You can read an interview with him here. Find out more about why Bogomil Balkansky supports Teach For Bulgaria in this video (in Bulgaria):


Visiting Sailor and Adventurer Doncho Papazov

Doncho Papazov
Doncho Papazov

Doncho Papazov is most likely just the right person to talk about what makes the impossible possible. The first Bulgarian to ever sail around the world along the so called “Impossible Route” – 19,000 nautical miles in just 164 days – has been collecting adventure stories for over 80 years and is eager to share them with whomever makes the highest bid for his time at the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. Doncho Papazov can share how he managed to survive on a rubber boat without modern navigation tools in the Pacific Ocean, what he did when his boat capsized in the icy waters of Antarctica, and how he sailed around the world with a four-year-old on board.

Find out more about Doncho Papazov in his travelogues or in this short bio.


Hilda Kazasyan talks about music and Armenian cuisine

Hilda Kazasyan

Hilda Kazasyan needs no introduction. The famous jazz singer and Teach For Bulgaria supporter is one of the regular participants in our annual charity auction. She plans to donate her time by sharing more about her professional journey and passion for good food. What do managing a successful career and running a restaurant for traditional cuisine have in common? You’ll have the chance to find out straight from Hilda.




Vera Gotseva and the art of storytelling with words and pictures

Vera Gotseva Lomovera
Vera Gotseva

If we were to describe Vera Gotseva (lomovera) simply as a photographer, journalist, speaker, communications specialist, or a teacher, this wouldn’t paint a complete picture of what she really is. This is Vera’s first Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction and her participation will give her a chance to support Teach For Bulgaria and talk about her biggest passion – storytelling which combines all of the above-mentioned roles.

Vera is going to donate her time by giving a Storytelling Workshop with Words and Snapshots. She plans to reveal her secrets about influencing others with snapshots taken with her phone.

Find out more about Vera and her work here.


Alek Aleksiev and acting as a journey of self-discovery

Alek Aleksiev
Alek Aleksiev

Actor Alek Aleksiev is back in the spotlight with his role in the TV drama Stolen Life. This fall also marks his return at the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. This time he chose to give a workshop for children called “What You Learn about Yourself and Others through Acting”.

Alek is a loyal Teach For Bulgaria supporter. He has visited several classrooms as a role model and shared more about his experience with the students. He and his video production company NO BLINK even shot two of our videos starring Teach For Bulgaria teachers. You can watch them at these two links here and here.


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