One Week to Go: Who Are the Celebrities in This Year’s Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction

Търг на звездите участници

Magdalena Maleeva, Philip Lhamsuren, Yavor Gardev, Maria Silvestar, Preyah, and the Ambassador of India are among the celebrities who are going to participate in this year’s charity auction on October 16 in Sofia

Търг на звездите всички звезди

This year’s Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction is exactly one week away and the venue is almost fully booked. It is time to present the final group of famous and inspiring public figures who support Teach For Bulgaria and our work towards equal access to quality education for every child – the best female tennis player of Bulgaria, the third person to ever solo cross the Amazon jungle, one of the most topical stage directors, a charming and funny TV host, one of the most remarkable voices of contemporary Bulgarian pop music, and the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia.

The 8th annual Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction is going to take place at the Hilton in Sofia, on October 16, in partnership with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.


The charity auction is one of a kind for Bulgaria. It brings business leaders and public figures together to raise funds for the training and professional support of the current participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s program. Each star is going to donate two hours of their time. The guests from the business sector have the opportunity to bid for each celebrity, the highest bidders win, and all raised funds go towards Teach For Bulgaria. 

Here’s how the final six celebrities are planning to entertain the highest bidders at the auction:

Magdalena Maleeva and her healthy lifestyle tips

Магдалена Малеева търг на звездите Magi MaleevaMagdalena Maleeva needs no introduction. The most successful Bulgarian female tennis player has both an impressive career and an inspiring entrepreneurial experience. This is her second auction and this time she has prepared a workshop to help people get healthier and more conscientious. She is planning to share key trends for personal health and tips on how to be more mindful of all natural resources.



Travelling the abandoned roads with Philip Lhamsuren

Филип Лхамсурен търг на звездитеPhilip Lhamsuren is one of those people whose life stories are brighter than any adventure novels. After spending his childhood in a refugee camp and joining the French Foreign Legion, he decided to travel the abandoned roads of the world – from Central Asia and Southern Siberia to the Amazon jungle. Philip participated in last year’s charity auction as well. He also visited a school in Kostinbrod to inspire students to pursue their dreams last spring (stay tuned for more on that visit by the end of the week).

This year Philip has prepared an unconventional hike off the beaten path for his highest bidder. An experience which is going to teach you more about survival in the wilderness and reconnecting with nature with Philip’s help. 

Find out more about him here.

Yavor Gardev on art’s subliminal messages and how to get them across to people

Явор Гърдев търг на звездитеIn one of his interviews Yavor Gardev says that we can only make art, if we have something to share. Anyone who has seen one of his stage performances or films knows that he definitely has a lot to share and knows how to do it to provoke his audience and elicit thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Yavor Gardev is probably one of our most remarkable contemporary stage directors and we are honored that he took the time to support Teach For Bulgaria and participate in the auction.

He has volunteered to be a guest speaker and share more about art’s subliminal messages for his highest bidder. 

Read more about Yavor Gardev here. You can see his performances in most theaters in Sofia.

Maria Silvestar can host your event

Мария Силвестър търг на звездитеMaria Silvestar is one of the most charming Bulgarian TV hosts. She is fresh, fun, and socially engaged. This is going to be her first charity auction in support of Teach For Bulgaria. Maria is going to host a corporate event for her highest bidder – something we all know she is good at.




Preyah has a special personalized activity for you

Прея търг на звездитеPreyah may be the youngest star at this year’s Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction, but she has a lot to show for herself – a number of great hits, an album, and many concerts. She has one of the most distinguishable voices in Bulgarian pop music and we envision a long career of great music for her. Preyah is definitely joining Teach For Bulgaria’s Hall of Fame after her participation in this year’s auction on October 16 because she is going to support positive change in Bulgarian education and provide more children with the opportunity to be successful in life.

She hasn’t defined a specific activity for her highest bidder because she wants to personalize it. So whoever bids the most is going to enjoy a very special event. 

Find out more about Preyah here

An afternoon with yoga, Indian cuisine, and an informal chat with the Ambassador of India

Посланик на индия търг на звездите

It has become somewhat of a tradition to have a public figure from the diplomatic service at the auction. Her Excellency Pooja Kapur, Ambassador of India to the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, will be participating in the charity auction for the first time, however. She joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1996 and has previously served at Indian Embassies / High Commissions in Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Brussels.

In order to support Teach For Bulgaria’s mission, Ms. Kapur has prepared a special afternoon at her residence. It includes an informal conversation with Her Excellency, a yoga practice with guided meditation, a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, a food tasting, and a cultural performance.


And your host for the evening will be… Mitko Pavlov

Митко Павлов търг на звездитеHe may not be in the official list of celebrities for the auction, but our host is a real radio and TV star. Mitko Pavlov embraced the responsibility to host the auction and we can’t wait to see him in action. He will undoubtedly make sure that everyone is having fun just like he does every morning on Magic FM. Follow him on Facebook for more information.


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Registration is open until October 11 on the website of our partners from the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.  

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