Six More Celebrities with a Cause at the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction in Support of Teach For Bulgaria

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Ivan Barnev, Margita Gosheva, Nayden Todorov, Viki Blazheva, Krasi Georgiev, and Raycho Raychev are going to donate two hours of their time to support the participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s leadership and professional development program

When was the last time you saw two of the best modern day Bulgarian actors (who also happen to be happily married to each other), the virtuoso conductor and director of Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, an inspirational ultramarathon runner who has run thousands of kilometers around the world, the vice president of one of the largest banks in Bulgaria, and a space entrepreneur who can teach you how to build your own satellite in the same place at the same time?

All of these and 11 more celebrities can be seen together on October 16, 2019, at the Hilton Hotel in Sofia. They are going to participate in the 8th annual Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction.

The Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction is organized in partnership with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and is sponsored by the Hilton in Sofia, SEG, Villa Melnik, Kinstellar, and Coca-Cola HBC.


The annual charity auction brings business leaders and public figures together to raise funds for the training and professional support of the current participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s program. Each star is going to donate two hours of their time. The guests from the business sector have the opportunity to bid for each celebrity, the highest bidders win, and all raised funds go towards Teach For Bulgaria. 

We’ve already announced this year’s first five stars and what they have to offer. We are happy to share a little bit more about another six participants and how they are planning to entertain the highest bidders at the auction: 

Krasi Georgiev on the importance of investing in our health every day

Krasi Georgiev is a seasoned auction veteran and a loyal supporter of Teach For Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that this is his third auction in a row. He is inspiring, driven, and dedicated not just to his professional career, but also to the different causes he supports. He has decided to offer a workshop called “Daily Health Investments” to his highest bidder this year. Krasi has been on an incredible personal transformation journey and has gathered a lot of knowledge of how our everyday habits can drastically improve our health. The highest bidder will have the opportunity to share this workshop with their friends or employees; they will also learn how to run 1200 kilometers in 15 days, how to survive in Death Valley, and how to endure Antarctica’s extreme weather.

Find out more about Krasi here.

Backstage with Nayden Todorov and Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Nayden Todorov targ na zvezditeNayden Todorov is a Bulgarian trumpet player, pianist, composer, and conductor. He has been the director of Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra since 2017. Nayden Todorov is one of our most talented contemporary musicians, famous for his bright interpretations of symphonic and opera classics. This is his first Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. He is ready to reveal the magic of music to his or her highest bidder. Nayden offers a glimpse behind the curtains of what it’s like to run and conduct a philharmonic orchestra especially right before some of the most exciting concerts of the year. Nayden Todorov is going to give concert tickets and backstage passes to his highest bidder. The talented musician’s considerable international experience and wonderful sense of humor are going to make this special evening truly worth it.

Take a look at Sofia Philharmonic Event Calendar here. Read more about Nayden Todorov here.

Victoria Blazheva – minimalism as a strategy for business success

Viktoria BlazhevaUnicredit Bulbank’s Senior Vice President and Public Relations Director, Victoria Blazheva, is the kind of public speaker and presenter you’re always happy to meet not only because she is great at her job as a communicator, but also because you can always learn something new from her. Vicky is one of Teach For Bulgaria’s loyal supporters and member of the board of experts. This, however, is her first appearance as a star in the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. She is going to share some great professional advice about managing one’s personal brand and corporate communications with her highest bidder. Her MBA dissertation is on the topic of How to Be Happier and More Successful by Embracing Minimalism and she will gladly share some insights about that as well.

Find out more about Vicky Blazheva here.

A private lesson with Ivan Barnev and Margita Gosheva


You may know Ivan Barnev and Margita Gosheva from their theatrical appearances and roles in some of the best contemporary Bulgarian films. The two of them are partners in life, on stage, and on the screen. They realized how crucial quality education was as soon as they became parents which was why they decided to support Teach For Bulgaria by participating in this year’s auction. They can offer auction bidders a private screening of “The Lesson” in which they both star and which was very well received a few years ago, and got many awards at a variety of international film festivals around the world. The private screening will be followed by a discussion on what it’s like to live in Bulgaria, the moral choices and decisions we make, and the lessons we learn at school and in life.

Find out more about the two actors here. Read more about “The Lesson” on IMDB.

A real challenge: build your own satellite with Raycho Raychev

If you think space exploration is exclusively reserved for scientists from NASA and billionaire entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by 33-year-old Raycho Raychev. Raycho is a loyal supporter of Teach For Bulgaria and a living proof that you can make your dreams of space exploration come true even in Bulgaria. He is also the founder of Space Challenges Program and EnduroSat. Raycho is the first Bulgarian to take part in the technological program of Singularity University at NASA’s Ames Research Center. He has worked for the Brazilian Space Program and the Bulgarian Institute for Space Exploration and Technology. He represented Bulgaria at UN’s Space Generation Advisory Council from January of 2011 to January of 2015. He is the founder of Spaceport – the biggest online platform for space education in Europe. And just a few months ago he successfully launched the first satellite which was completely made in Bulgaria. 

Raycho has prepared a serious but not an impossible challenge for his highest bidder at the auction – build your own satellite. How to launch a small movie theater at the edge of space and why space is the next logical step for all entrepreneurs – find out by registering for the auction and making the highest bid for Raycho Raychev.


Take a look at all celebrities who are going to participate in this year’s Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction.

Find out more about 5 other participants here

Registration is still open at the website of our partners from the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

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