Wedding with a Cause during a Pandemic

The inspirational story of Alexander and Lilian – the newly-weds who chose to support Teach For Bulgaria on their wedding day

“Even before we started planning our wedding both Lili and I knew that we didn’t want our guests to give us flowers. Flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last long. So we decided to ask our guests to support a good cause instead. We hope that more people will follow our example when they plan their big day as well,” shared the groom – Alexander Dimitrov. 

Alexander and his partner Lilian chose to support Teach For Bulgaria’s cause with a donation box at their wedding reception on July 16. Their guests had the opportunity to donate the money they would have otherwise spent on flowers.

“We decided to support the teachers of Teach For Bulgaria by raising money for their training because helping a child in need is priceless, but helping, empowering, and motivating the people who work with hundreds of children individually is a way to plan for the future of all young people,” Alexander added.

Alexander and Lilian’s special day was full of excitement, lucky coincidences, and unforeseen adventures – typical of 2020. They almost canceled the wedding because of COVID, the weather surprised them with summer showers, they lost some important documents before the ceremony, and a baby was born 3 days before the wedding. However, the newly-weds say that “nothing happens by chance, that’s how it was meant to be”.

We wish them all the best, may they always stay so positive, and may they build their future together happy and surrounded by joy. We are very grateful for the inspiration and support they have given us. We are now one step closer to the ultimate goal – equal access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria.

If you want to support Teach For Bulgaria by organizing a fundraising campaign for a special occasion, visit our web page “Celebrate with a Cause” or reach out to us at We’d be happy to support you with ideas, materials, and advice. 

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