“Challenge for a Cause” Brings Thousands of People Together in Support of Equal Access to Quality Education

Предизвикай се с кауза

The sports fundraiser encourages everyone to commit to a personal sports challenge on May 30 in the name of each Bulgarian student’s success

The first edition of the sports fundraiser “Challenge for a Cause” will take place on May 30 in different parts of Bulgaria and around the world. The goal of the event is to bring together thousands of people who believe that education is an important social value by provoking them to fulfill a personal sports challenge. The event is organized by Teach For Bulgaria and is inspired by the touching stories of multiple people who have supported the organization throughout the years. Our incredible supporters have run marathons, biked all around Europe, etc. We are grateful to have Nexo as our corporate partner and the NGO portal as our main media partner.

Due to the pandemic, participants won’t be able to be at the same place at the same time – each participant will complete their personal challenge at a convenient time on May 30 and at a place of their choice. 

Registration and teams

The event is open to people of any age, regardless of their athletic ability. Anyone willing to participate in “Challenge for a Cause” needs to sign up online and fill out a short registration form. 

Then they just have to accomplish their challenge on May 30. Participants can pick a category in the registration form – walking, running, swimming, cycling, climbing, or something else. 

The registration form also includes a donation in support of Teach For Bulgaria. The raised funds will be invested in the work of the organization towards providing equal access to quality education to every child. There are both individual and group registrations, groups of over 5 people get a discount which is a great opportunity for team building activities or to simply out with friends.

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Challenges for students

Students and children under 18 years can register for free which allows them to participate in the challenge with their families or classmates. We have partnered with Chair Up who have prepared some special inspiring home workout routines which will help students prepare for the challenge, but also counteract the effects of the sedentary lifestyle they’ve been forced to lead during online learning.

Our ambassadors 

“Challenge for a Cause” has also inspired popular public figures to participate with their own personal challenges. So far a variety of celebrities have decided to support our cause: long-distance runner Krasi Georgiev, snowboarder Sani Zhekova, fitness instructor Ines Subashka, actors Alek Aleksiev, Darya Simeonova, Valentina Karoleva, and Georgi Zlatarev, former volleyball player Lyubo Ganev, etc. In the weeks leading up to May 30 they are going to talk more about their challenges and workout routines, as well as give tips to anyone willing to try for themselves.

Some of our ambassadors:


Each registration automatically enters the participants in a raffle with prizes from our sponsors. The winners will be announced after May 30. Some of the prizes are inspiring books, vouchers, sports goods, etc. They are provided by AMG Publishing, Stanimira Chocolate House, Utopia Forest, etc. We will be updating the information about the prizes on the web page of the event. 

The cause

Teach For Bulgaria has been working towards providing equal access to quality education to every child in Bulgaria and the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of their socio-economic status, for 10 years now. “A New Way to Teaching” is Teach For Bulgaria’s first and most successful program. The participants in this program have access to a special training program, mentorship, teaching qualifications, school placement, career development opportunities, useful resources, professional contacts, and form strong connections. Last year Teach For Bulgaria launched a second program called “Model Schools” which specializes in the development and support of entire schools. 

Teach For Bulgaria is initiated and financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. It is also part of the global network of Teach For All.

Стани част от вдъхновяващите учители, които променят света на учениците си