How to Challenge Yourself for a Cause This Year

Three ideas to make your challenge even more exciting

Thousands of people are going to participate in “Challenge for a Cause” on May 30. This one-of-a-kind fundraising event is going to inspire people to set personal physical goals and support Teach For Bulgaria’s mission to provide equal access to quality education to every child.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure which is new, exciting, maybe a little tough, but very rewarding? 

We have three fresh ideas to make your challenge even more exciting, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

1. Pick a challenge which motivates and inspires you

You don’t have to be an athlete to participate in “Challenge for a Cause”, you don’t even have to work out regularly or at all (there is no jury to assess your performance). 

The event is open to anyone, regardless of age, sex, nationality, or location. You are free to pick a personal challenge because you know your own limits, what motivates or inspires you. Just like at school.

We have five main categories (walking, running, cycling, swimming, and climbing). If none of them looks appealing, you can pick your own challenge – dancing, yoga, weight lifting, roller skating, or chess. It is entirely up to you. Do not forget that the most important thing is to have fun and accomplish your personal goal, so choose a category you love, something that motivates you. 

Here’s the interesting part: setting up your personal challenge. See our suggestions on how to do it here.

2. The more the merrier 

“Challenge for a Cause” allows you to set a personal individual record in your favorite category, but you can also ask your friends to join you in a group challenge. We know how much you’ve missed hanging out with friends, family, and colleagues during all lockdowns over the past year. So, invite your friends to join you in a group challenge and kill two birds with one stone – catch up while supporting a worthy cause. Besides, group registrations get a discount!

Here are some specific ideas about how to get your friends or coworkers excited about a group challenge:

  • Do a relay race! It could be running, walking, swimming, or cycling with a team of friends or coworkers;
  • Do the same challenge at the same time, but from different locations. Take pictures and videos and share it on social media;
  • Coworkers or club members can print out branded or thematic t-shirts to strengthen their sense of belonging or communal spirit;
  • Create a private Facebook group or a group chat to plan your challenge together and exchange workout tips;
  • Combine your challenge with a personal celebration – ask your friends to join “Challenge for a Cause” for your birthday this year;
  • Gather your friends and take them to some of your favorite hiking spots. You can go to Aleko hut and hike up to Cherni Vrah for example. 

We are absolutely sure that you can come up with even better ideas for you and your friends. We will soon be sharing our suggestions on how different businesses can take advantage of “Challenge for a Cause” and create team building activities for their teams. If you are interested in being a sponsor for our event, take a look at the different sponsorship packets here. 

3. Go to your happy place

It is important to set a meaningful challenge for yourself, so you should take all the time you need to work out all the details, but don’t overthink it. Just go to your happy place – an actual place which brings you joy. This is a great way to make your challenge exciting and special. 

We suggest that you pick a place where you feel good, inspired, and joyful. This could be your grandma’s house in the village, a cosy mountain hut, a hiking trail, or the good old park right by your place. 

We would be happy to know more about your happy place. Share pictures on social media with the hashtags #challengeforacause or #предизвикайсе and #предизвикайсескауза, if you speak Bulgarian. Keep in mind that your post has to be public in order for us to see it.

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