Светозар Георгиев

Svetozar Georgiev

deputy chairperson of the Board

Svetozar Georgiev is a technological entrepreneur and angel investor, one of the founders of the IT company Telerik, Telerik Academy (a training organization offering programming courses for students, adults and professionals) and the Campus X Incubator. A long-standing adherent and donor of Teach for Bulgaria.

“I strongly believe that tangible improvement in the education system is the only way forward for Bulgaria’s long-term prosperity. That is why I have made it my own personal cause, working closely with the most active organizations in the sector, such as Teach for Bulgaria. It is impressive how my colleagues have been able to develop successful models for attracting new teachers into the system and improve the practices of existing school teams for 10 years now. And working closely with the public administration has laid the foundations for a broad application of these successful models throughout the system, as well as improving legal frameworks and policies to achieve a large-scale and long-term outcome. I also hope to be able to contribute to the even greater impact of Teach for Bulgaria’s team work.”

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