Todor Breshkov official photo

Todor Breshkov

Board member

Todor Breshkov is the managing partner of the private equity and venture capital fund LAUNCHub Ventures. He has supported Teach for Bulgaria for years. He has extensive experience in a number of business sectors – investment banking, real estate, business management and development, finance and entrepreneurship. In his motivation to join the Board in 2023, he shares:

“I believe that education is the only thing that can make a person free and a society successful and progressive. That is why Teach for Bulgaria is one of the initiatives that gives me hope that every Bulgarian child, regardless of background, gender, social status, and place of birth, can have access to quality education and as a result the agency to make free choices and take initiatives. As a society we have a duty to make this a reality, and the times we live in provide us with all the tools to make this possible.”

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