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Diana Stefanova

Board member

Diana Stefanova is a Venture Partner at BrightCap Ventures as well as the Managing Site Director for Bulgaria & Global Sites Strategy Vice President at VMWare (recently acquired by Broadcom). She leads the company’s Bulgarian office with a team of over 2000 professionals. Diana has more than 25 years of management and organizational experience with a focus on strategic and business development for small and start-up tech companies as well as global for tech giants such as VMware. Over the years she has gained extensive experience in managing multinational teams having worked and lived in Bulgaria, Germany and the USA. 

Diana has been passionate about improving the business climate in Bulgaria as well as  promoting the image of the Bulgarian IT sector as an attractive destination for foreign investment. She has dedicated time and energy to a number of causes like having more successful women in the technology sector, enticing Bulgarians abroad to return home, and placing a focus on education as a driver of success for Bulgaria.

Diana strongly believes in Teach for Bulgaria’s cause for equal access to quality education for every child and has supported the organization with numerous initiatives over the years.

“For me, education is a key factor contributing to the development and prosperity of Bulgaria economically, politically and socially. Over the years I have had the opportunity to live and work in countries such as the USA and Germany. I believe that we have wonderful “elite” schools in Bulgaria that in many ways compare to and even surpass the good schools in the US and Germany. Unfortunately, these ‘elite’ schools are very few. What Bulgaria needs is meaningful systemic change. I strongly believe in Teach for Bulgaria’s mission to ensure that every child in Bulgaria has access to quality education and I would love to have the chance to contribute to its success. My dream is for our children to live in a better world (and a more prosperous Bulgaria) and I am convinced that without systemic change in education, this will not be possible.”

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