Over 200 People Supported the Development of a Bulgarian Language Teaching Methodology for Bilingual Students

Over 50,000 EUR were raised in donations via Global Giving and the sum will be matched by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Over 200 people participated in Teach For Bulgaria and EducArt’s fundraising campaign. The goal was to raise funds for the development of a Bulgarian language teaching methodology and learning resources for primary school students whose mother tongue is not Bulgarian. Over 52,000 EUR were raised in only six months thanks to all donors. The goal of the campaign was exceeded.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is also going to support the project by donating 50,000 EUR via their Community Initiative. This is possible thanks to our true supporter Nguyen Le, his colleagues at EBRD, and the fact that so many individual donors have been reached. 

“People from all over the world participated with individual donations. Many of them are Bulgarians who live abroad. This campaign presented them with an opportunity to contribute towards positive change in Bulgaria and to support children from Bulgaria’s most vulnerable communities by making an investment in their education.

We are very happy that our supporters organized their own fundraising initiatives and events in support of our campaign and in an attempt to get even more people involved. Many people demonstrated strong commitment and showed their support. This goes to show that this project is much needed and people have high expectations for it,” shared Anjela Deyanska, Head of Development and Fundraising at Teach For Bulgaria. 


ръка пише на бял лист

Yavor Atanasov organized a fundraising bicycle ride around Iceland last september. His charity bike ride was part of our initiative Challenge Yourself for a Cause. The donations he raised were also contributed to the campaign for the Bulgarian language teaching project. This was his second charity bike ride. Yavor was also very active in the charity quiz we organized in London last December, which was also aimed at raising funds for additional language training for Bulgarian bilingual students. The Bulgarian Society at the University of Leeds also participated in our fundraising campaign with great enthusiasm by organizing a bake sale last fall.

You can find more information about the project here. You can find more information about the problem we are addressing with this project and the way our teachers work with bilingual students here and here

If you’d like to support this project by making a donation, reach out to us at development@zaednovchas.bg.

Find more information about the ways in which you can support us here


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