A Photographer, an Actress, an Economist, a Pastry Chef, and a Yoga Instructor in the First Online Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction

Celebrities donate their time for the auction and promise to entertain the highest bidders with a variety of fun activities in the name of a better education

популярни личности в онлайн търга на звездите
The celebrities in the first online Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction

An individual photography course, a private consultation on how to invest in uncertain times, a culinary course for healthy recipes, an individual yoga practice with a consultation on emotional health and a conversation about cinema and building a relationship of trust with your audience. These are the five activities offered by public figures and professionals (link in Bulgarian) at the first-of-its-kind online Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction. People from all over the world will be able to bid for these activities.

This extraordinary charity auction will take place from June 1 to June 6 at zaednovchas.bg (link in Bulgarian). The event is organized by Teach For Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and its main goal is to support the work of the non-governmental organization and the new class of teachers in the “A New Way to Teaching” program.  

Everyone who registers on the website can bid for each celebrity. At the end of the week the highest bidders win and all bids are donated to Teach For Bulgaria’s work. Part of the activities could potentially include a group of people which allows bidders to combine their bids, raise more money, and get a higher chance of winning.


The activities for the highest bidders in this special online edition of the charity auction are offered by Yana Marinova, photographer Vera Gotseva-Lomovera, pastry chef and holder of a golden Master Chef apron Linda Petkova, chairperson of the Bulgarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and former deputy minister Evgeni Angelov, and yoga teacher Nina Sotirova-Nitya. They are all donating their time to Teach For Bulgaria’s cause.

Anjela Deyanska, Head of Development and Fundraising at Teach For Bulgaria

“For 9 years now, the Inspirational Leaders Charity Auction has been successful in bringing professionals from the business community and celebrities together in the name of a better education for all children. We have traditionally organized the auction every fall when we’ve all gathered in person. This summer, however, we decided to try and organize an online version of the auction for the very first time. Our goal was to make the event accessible for people all over the world, give them the opportunity to support Teach For Bulgaria’s work, and encourage them to compete for these practical and meaningful activities prepared by true professionals. We believe that in these trying times many people realized that the access to quality education is not a given and that we can all contribute in order to help more students have access to education which prepares them for the future in the best possible way,” says Anjela Deyanska, Head of Fundraising and Development at Teach For Bulgaria.

Celebrities and famous business leaders such as Levon Hampartzoumian and Zoya Paunova (link in Bulgarian) are ambassadors for the auction. Actor and true supporter of Teach For Bulgaria Alek Aleksiev is the host of the auction. HRS are sponsoring the auction.

Take a look at this video from the opening of the auction on Monday, June 1


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