Trayan Trayanov

chief executive officer

Trayan is the CEO and member of the Board of Directors at Teach For Bulgaria. Trayan has been an integral part of the organization since its very beginning in 2010. As a CEO he is responsible for Teach For Bulgaria’s overall strategic development and sustainability. His previous role at Teach For Bulgaria was Chief Program Officer. As a Chief Program Officer he oversaw the teams responsible for admissions, selection, teacher training, and alumni development. He was also responsible for the overall monitoring and impact assessment of the program. 

Trayan was born and raised in the town of Silistra. Both of his parents were theater actors. He got his high school education at the American College of Sofia and then majored in social studies at Connecticut College and Harvard University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 2006. Trayan has worked as a business analyst at Mitchell Madison Group in NYC and Arthur D. Little in Prague. A little before joining Teach For Bulgaria he also graduated with a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Cambridge.

Trayan is driven by the following major questions: 

How should schools and classrooms be organized in order to numb or neutralize the effects of the lottery of birth?

How can people (children and adults) overcome the destructive cognitive and behavioral models they grew up with?

Trayan is also on the Board of Trustees at the American College of Sofia.

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