All members of the San Francisco District Election Commission for the parliamentary elections on 26 March 2017 donated their remunerations for a cause of Teach for Bulgaria. This is yet another noble gesture and strong example of the commitment of our adherents from the Bulgarian diaspora in San Francisco to support the organization, that we would like to sincerely thank them for.

In the autumn of 2016 Pavlina Yanakieva, Deyan Vitanov, Spas Bozhanov and Lachezar Atanassov from the Bulgarian community in San Francisco organized a special event with nearly 50 guests and a successful fundraising campaign to support the teachers of Teach for Bulgaria.

No matter where you live, you can also contribute to the better education of all children in Bulgaria. Learn more about the different ways you can join and support the work of the inspiring teachers under the Program of Teach for Bulgaria, by becoming our supporter here –

"Заедно в час" подготвя способни хора да бъдат мотивиращи учители, за да може всяко дете в България да има достъп до качествено образование.
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