Teach for Bulgaria’s CEO, Evgenia Peeva, won the first place in 2016’ edition of the ranking Innovators in Education of Portal. The sixth place in the ranking is for Trayan Trayanov, the foundation’s Program Director. Among the rest of people included in the ranking are alumni of Teach for Bulgaria and long-term partners of the organization.

The goal of the ranking is to draw the public attention every year to the people who contribute most to introducing new teaching methods and technological decisions, who change the concept of education, create new opportunities for gaining knowledge or make learning more accessible to more people.

The awards were given on 13th December, as the ranking of 2016 included 45 people in total. They were selected by a jury comprising representatives of the educational system, the technological and entrepreneurial sector as well as journalists with a long-term experience in the field of education or technologies.

Apart from Evgenia Peeva and Trayan Trayanov, the people from Teach for Bulgaria included in the ranking are the teachers alumni of the program Ivan Gospodinov (class of 2014-2016) and Teodora Zareva (class of 2011-2013). Many of the other innovators included in the ranking are long-term partners of TFB and teachers who completed the program of Teach for Bulgaria.

76 % of all the people who completed the Leaders’ program of Teach for Bulgaria continue working in the area of education as teachers as well as in non-profit educational organizations, institutions, etc.

Here, you can see the whole ranking of Innovators in Education and get additional information about the prizes.

More about the further development of Teach for Bulgaria’s alumni you can read here.

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