The model of Teach for All, the Global Network for Expanding Educational Opportunity, part of which is Teach for Bulgaria, is recognized by UN as a good practice in developing successful teachers.

A report by the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (the Education Committee) of the United Nations, presented on September 18, in New York, states:

“Models such as Teach for All provide valuable insight into the ways in which by strongly supporting the talented teachers and offering leadership opportunities they can assist the development of innovation and improvement led by the teachers.”

The report was based on a one-year research and data analysis of the global education status of more than 300 partner organizations from 105 countries.

A major document entitled The Learning Generation states that thousands and millions of children in the world will be robbed of their future if no urgent measures are provided to grant them access to education.

The report also suggests a bold plan for action and funding through which, by 2030, to grant every child access to education to avoid a global crisis of education.

The Teach for All Model is highlighted in Recommendation 4 of the Report: Strengthening and Diversity of the People Involved in the Field of Education. According to the recommendation,

“It is not enough to increase the number of qualified teachers only. It is also necessary to alter the role of the teacher. The goal of education and the skills young people need are constantly changing just like our understanding of the child brain development and the best methods for learning […] The Commission recommends improvement of education and support for the teachers as well as specially designed training for the non-teaching employees in the field of education, which should be the main focus of every strategy concerning the improvement of teaching. […] The teachers, on the other hand, should be the starting point of introducing changes in education as empowered and valuable partners that are part of the reform.”

The same recommendation outlines the action priorities, too, that need to focus on. They were published back in 2014 in UNESCO’s Global Monitoring Report:

– Selection of the best and most motivated candidates;

– Increasing the initial and further training of teachers;

– Distributing the teachers and other specialized employees in education to places where they are most needed;

– Retention of good teachers and other professionals by emphasizing on their motivation, work satisfaction and career development;

– Supporting the responsible expenditure of resources and management as well as targeted assistance as main prerequisites for the teachers’ constant improvement of motivation and quality of work.

You can find the full text of the report here.

Watch the video about the report and its messages:

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